Father’s Goal is to Forever Bless You…


The end goal of your Father seated in heaven and present with you in heart of faith in Him as your Savior and helper to conquer in all things is to be yours and for you to be His loved one of faith forever!!! It is to that goal He created you, went to the cross for you and has prepared a divine place for you in His kingdom of love, peace, joy and victory that will be a reality when He returns!!! Oh doesn’t it just thrill you to know you are Father’s joy and dream as His royal heir of all His glorious riches He longs to lavish on you!!! You shall look valiantly in His robe of righteousness upon you and crown of life that He has purchased for you on the cross to bless you for persevering in earthly life!!! He has a heavenly seat for you and rewards for all your work that you have done to show Him love, not because you have to, but because you get to!!! (Hebrews 6:10) May you have a joyful heart in the reality you are delighted in by Father and all of His efforts towards you are in accordance with His pleasure and will to bless you!!! Reflect upon His great heart for you as ya have a listen to this song!!! Let Father’s love be the joy that gives you rest and strength as you need it!!! He always has His hand on ya so you are in the best of care always!!!


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