A Heart of Praise

Dear Lord, thank you so much for another day of life here on earth!!! Thank you for the beautiful sunshine coming into my window today and the calmness of the trees that they can stand still and enjoy the warmth of your gift of sunshine upon them!!! Thank you for the evergreens all around me that are blanketed underneath with beautiful white glistening snow. Their constant color all year long is a reminder of your everlasting life that is ours thru Christ Jesus!!! Oh and how amazing that there are sooo many snowflakes that have been sent from the heavens all around me as I look out my window here in Idaho. I think of how each one is made uniquely and each one makes a difference in providing blessing upon us, for with the spring they will be changed anew into water that will help bring harvest in many ways to bless many people!!!


Father, thank you for the knowledge of your love and your existence and your big picture plan for us. Thank you for my body that is sooo miraculous in all of its different functions and the cognizance to appreciate life with you and those you have put in my life!!! Thank you for the ability to know their love, too!!! Thank you, Lord, for the many gifts you have blessed me with!!! You are a wonderful loving, giving, providing, caring, all powerful and awesome God, full of grace and mercy. I love you, Lord Jesus!!! Thank you for making me your child forever!!! In praise of You and Your Name, I share my heart today. Amen. I agree with your heart, Lord!!!

Beloved one of His, my heart is in tune to the appreciation of life our Father has given to us as did King Solomon when he wrote of glimpses of the gifts around him even in his day:

“The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come,

and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.”

Song of Solomon 2:12

When we let our minds see the beauty of life all around us, truly it is a time for singing praise to our God of love as this song says here. May your heart be warmed by the many love gifts Jesus has bestowed upon your life all around you today, precious saint!!! Our Father wants you to see your life as His love gift to you!!!

I am happy you are here and that I am able to appreciate that you are in my life as I write and share my heart with you. May we praise our Father who is good to us beyond all we can even comprehend together!!! Have a blessed peace-full day with the warmth of the Sonshine that surrounds you continually in your own unique experience where you are!!! It’s a good day with lots to smile about!!! Happy and smiling with ya!!! 🙂 Much love!!!


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