Being True to You…

I hope you are having a beautiful day, sweet family of faith!!! I am doing well, keeping focused on the light of Jesus for the divine heavenly life on earth!!! Doing so just keeps my heart at peace and full of joy!!! How does Jesus focus do so???

Look at the center of the word BELIEVE. This is a good reminder to us of being careful about what we believe – to not fall for enemy and worldly lies, but to stand strong in heaven’s truths!!! I am thankful for the beauty and power of God’s truth because it makes all the difference in conquering darkness!!! We are where we are today because of what we believed yesterday and we will be tomorrow what we believe today!!!

Satan tells lies that affect a person’s self-worth and confidence. He tells us as the world does that our self-worth is determined by how well we perform and what other people think of us instead of being based on the fact that we are valued by God as we are and that thru our faith in Christ’s work on the cross, we are forever robed in His righteousness; we are holy, blameless, without accusation and with no condemnation. Seeing ourselves as heaven’s holy kingdom people gives us the right perspective in life!!! Satan is the father of lies and his lies greatly affect our efforts in life, because our beliefs come from what we think, feel, speak and do. We are the result of our thinking yesterday. What we will be tomorrow can be determined by what we think today!!! We are in the middle of a spiritual battle, the battlefield being our minds. If Satan can convince us to believe his lies, he will negatively affect our lives!!! YIKES!!! LET’S WATCH OUT AND GO FOR THE DIVINE LIFE SHORES WHERE JESUS LEADS AS THIS SONG SAYS HERE:

Truth leads to beliefs that lead to thoughts that lead to actions and so do lies!!! What are your choices/actions based on, dear ones??? I’m a gal hoping the best life for us all and I’m proud of you for living a truthful life for you!!! BE TRUE TO YOU MY FRIENDS!!! WOOOHOOO!!! GOING FOR TRUTH FOR BEST LIFE WITH YA’S!!!

Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life.” John 14:6



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