Upheld by Love

Good evening, dear ones of faith!!! As I rest in Jesus tonight, calmed by His grace that I find as sufficient for me, I purposefully slow down enough to draw close to hear His voice to me. As I do, I hear these words that bless my soul:

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10

Even if it is only a minute, taking the time to breathe in Father’s love and grace is vital to our well being and reassurance in life!!! Amen?!! He has us in His righteous right hand grip that we cannot be snatched out of because upon faith in Him, we are forever sealed by His Holy Spirit as His and He will guide us, but we need to hear Him!!! So let us do purposefully free our time to hear His calming voice to us, dear ones and be comforted by His love in a world that will control us with the enemy’s help if we let it. Let us take charge of our life divinely by making time for the most important voice – Jesus – as He says:

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Psalm 46:10

Trusting Jesus


The enemy can push us by saying “Don’t just stand there, do something!!!” We can let Father guide us when we need to do something and it is important to also balance our life with “Don’t just do something, stand there” and draw close to Father’s heart of love and gentle guidance for us through resting in Him, lifting up prayer to cast all our cares on Him, looking into His Word (the Bible) and hearing His sweet Spirit on our own to us personally. He will show us if we are to act on things before us or let it go to Him to take care of in another way!!! The whole world is on His shoulders and not on our own personally!!! Here is a song of His love for us to listen to as we are hidden in His love and grace. 🙂

Jesus outstretched hands

Spending time in Jesus’ love leads me to peace, joy and a heart of love and worship for Him who loves me perfectly and has me in His perfect care forever!!! Nothing else can bless my heart like Him!!! He is fully yours, too, dear one!!! He is your portion and able to meet all of both of our needs!!! I smile that in faith in Jesus, we have already won in all of life and as we hear Him, He will guide us each one individually as to what is right for each of us!!! As He is what we need the most, so let us spur each other on to enjoy our first love of Him first as He is the best and nothing on earth will bless our souls more and refresh and rejuvenate us for living life with ourself and amongst others like He can!!! We love because He first loved us!!! Let us not miss out on His love to fuel us, kingdom family!!! A vehicle cannot run on an empty tank and so it is true for us as God’s people!!! Oh I’m a gal watching out to not run out of heavenly fuel that is readily available to us!!! Are you??? Do take care of you to get the best in life, too, precious one – JESUS!!!

Much love, peace and rest to you wherever you are tonight!!! Rest is ok and rest is good and of our Father. He gives His loved ones rest. Let us take it and remember motives – why are we doing what we do and what is most important in life??? Is it of Father’s heart for us or for another??? Going for His best for us thru rest in Him will be our best life for sure!!! Seeking it with ya’s!!! Happy and smiling in Jesus’ love and grace tonight!!! 🙂


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