Success is with Jesus

Hi, precious family of faith!!! In a world where there are lots of ways that a person can spend their time, gifts, talents, skills and resources in life, it is tempting to compare our lives with what other people are doing and find ourselves thinking “well if that person is doing that, I should be doing that.” “If that person is a Christian and doing that, it is the way I should go in life!!!”  “If that person isn’t doing that, then I shouldn’t do that!!!” Yikes!!! Let us watch out because their is only one path of victory or success for each one of us and that is to follow Jesus and His heart for each of us as individuals!!! If we are going to seek to imitate anyone, it should be Jesus who is everything right and of perfect love!!! Oh I’m a wanna be for sure, but trusting in Him as the enabler!!! 🙂

As I have reflected upon saints in Biblical writings, one thing is very true and that is that they each had their own individual story that was different from anybody else’s and their success in life was found in one common way – diligently walking with the Lord that led them to develop Godly character that showed in their work and in their lives that led to diligence in their efforts for seeing eternal heavenly things happen on earth. Therefore, their godly character and competence that came from walking with their Lord brought honor to their God and goodness for their forever future!!!


They didn’t trust that just because they had morning devotional time with God that their promotion or victory would automatically happen, though. For example:

David is one of the Biblical saints in history who sought the heart of God, but he also put forth diligence to use what God had given to him in taking care of sheep to slay the giant Philistine that God moved his heart to stop on earth. David worked for it, but He also knew that God with Him would bring the victory as he stepped forward with a heart of trust in Him to help him bring Him glory!!!

As a result saints of Biblical days were successful with God working through them in powerful ways that made a difference right where He placed them in life!!! In order to be successful in life, a person is not always one known to be rich or famous or even well known at all. Some of the greatest works of heaven have been done on earth in secret in which no person is known for the success of it, but only God known behind it as the provider of all good things!!!

The efforts that we as God’s people put forth on earth should be with an effort to bring God glory through us as His creation and not for our own success in life, because apart from God we can do nothing. When we realize success in the eyes of the world, may God’s people of faith have hearts of gratitude to our Father and not one of arrogance, for it is not of ourselves alone that we can do anything. I do applaud you for your willing heart to let Father work through you and your dedication to seeing Him glorified, though, heavenly-hearted ones!!! We also have responsibility to take care of our own needs by working so that we are not a burden to society. Bless you in that effort with Father’s promise to see that our needs are met as we do our part and trust Him for the rest!!! I like this thought here:

Honored God Blessed Future

Above all our thoughts about success, may we foremost see our success is the putting forth of effort to rest in the grace of Jesus for us as sufficient and that as we look to Him, trusting in Him, He will lead us to utilize the gifts, skills, talents and resources that He has given to us individually to make a good difference in this world and for eternity as He sees is successful for His good purposes for us!!! How does that compare with what your idea of success for yourself is, dear one??? I like the meditation of this song here that reminds us that as we seek our personal relationship with our Father, step by step He will lead us in triumphant procession – in other words, successfully!!! Oh I am thankful Jesus knows what that looks like for each one of us.

Father may be calling you to be a cowboy or cowgirl for Him, a caregiver, a motorcyclist, a missionary, a hairstylist, a carpenter, a wife, a husband, a mother, a father, a son or daughter looking after your elderly parent, a banker, an evangelist, or a servant of the King of Glory (He as the God of the Universe), a soldier or perhaps none of the above, but a royal kingdom child of God!!! Whatever He leads us individually to put forth effort to rest in His grace for, He will provide us a good future as we honor Him in life as our Lord and Savior!!! Let us enjoy first in life the gift of life opportunity to enjoy His love and presence in our lives and success will happen as it is suppose to as we step with Him!!! Oh that just makes me smile!!! Proud of you for being successful in the effort of being YOU with JESUS’ sufficient grace for you to guide you successfully!!!

Work for God not for people






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