Supernaturally Empowered

Following God planned steps for our day will lead us to divine life is what Father speaks to my heart today. This takes a change of mind if where our Father is going in contrast to where say the world, the enemy of life, other people or even our own mind is wanting to go. To follow our Father is to be in agreement that He understands life and is the best life!!! As Jesus said of Himself:

 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” 

John 14:6


One of the most highly educated men of his time, Saul, later named the Apostle Paul of the Bible had a change of mind (a repentant heart) when he encountered Jesus personally on the road to Damascus and it totally changed the course of his life because of his mindset that trusted Jesus and trusted Jesus to not only spare him from his sin, but to give him continued life with new opportunity for making a beautiful difference on earth and empower him to follow Jesus into a new divine life that helped others do so, too!!! (Acts 9) The same is true of the Apostle Peter as live here.

Man Following

This is a sweet song here of Father’s gentle ways with us as His people. He gets us, desires to help us live best life to rescue us from dark shadows of evil. He loves us with unfailing, unconditional love and empowers us with His Holy Spirit to live a good life with His plans for us that are for our good, not to harm us, to give us hope and a future!!! (Jeremiah 29:11)

Jesus – oh He is the best thing going – always has been and always will be!!! We can trust Him who gives us life and all we need!!! We can’t even breathe without Him!!! I’m a gal seeking His Spirit to enable me to follow Him in all of life for the heavenly life forever!!! Ya going with us??? I hope so!!! Divine sisterly love to ya where you are today!!!

Feet Following



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