The One of a Kind Gift

Hi, everybody!!! Much love!!! Jesus has always loved us and always will as His beloved family of faith as this song says here:

Have you accepted His love gift of forever freedom and eternal life in His heavenly kingdom that He hung on the cross to give to you and me and all people if we choose to believe in Him and His efforts for us??? Want to know more about it??? Oh it is the most important decision to make in life right now!!! More information can be found here:

We can know this…YOU are loved by God!!! Me, too!!! Let us trust in His love and forever victory for us of faith!!! We are forever His royal family of faith safe and rescued from evil together and powerful by His supernatural power present with us always as we accept His gift to us and oh that just makes me smile with Jesus with ya!!! 🙂 If ya haven’t already, tell Him now you desire His gift to you as your Savior from evil in this world!!! I have!!!


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