Make It A Beautiful Day!!!

Oh it is not a good place to be in life when you are helpless!!! Yikes!!! Watch out when making decisions!!! Hopefully this man found someone with a merciful heart of Jesus’s compassion!!! Oh such good visuals of the lessons to know your friends in life and who you can trust and don’t get caught with your pants down when they shouldn’t be or your hands tied helpless!!! Yikes!!! Jesus gives us the guidelines: Do unto others as we would have them do unto us. (Matthew 7:12) Love must be sincere!!! Avoid evil, cling to what is good!!! Oh our Father’s plans for us in life are always for our good and not to harm us; plans to give us hope and a future!!! Such a joyful contrast is our Father’s love and joy and ideas of a good time!!! He is perfect love and He has a perfect sense of humor!!! Going with Jesus today with you, Sam Samy!!! By the way, God is a God of justice!!! Good food for thought!!! He will not forget our works and the love we show Him as we help His people and continue to help them!!! He also says whatever we do to others is the same as if we do it to Him!!! YIKES!!! We were made to thrive and that just makes me smile today and seeking Jesus for the thriving life as this song says here:

Thank you for sharing world realities as in this video here, Saint!!!


You are awesome!!! Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” It’s a beautiful day as this song says here!!! Have divine fun!!! Oh you can never have too much Godly fun!!! 🙂 It’s a divine blast with Jesus!!!


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