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Hi! So you want to know a little bit about me I am assuming, because you are here and I am glad you are!!! I’m country at heart and I live in Idaho, a state within the United States of America – a native to this place here, with a grown daughter who is married and is a nurse in Tucson with a grand puppy (Welsh Corgi) and married to my awesome son-in-law who is an amazing cook and a computer genius!!! I have been involved in outreach ministry with a heart for encouraging people with the wisdom, love, grace and power of Jesus for about 30 years to a wide variety of people, including women’s and men’s ministry, children’s ministry, a wide spectrum of sports, military families and leaders of people. I sooo love people! I get excited about life coaching and sharing God’s Word!!!

My past experience has found me working as an executive assistant for a world-wide 501 (c) 3 non-profit ministry, many years of church event planning, the controller for the local Chamber of Commerce, a provider of bookkeeping, a banker, sales marketing, being a certified 3 Dimensional FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) coach and hands on just helping people do life victoriously! Presently I am an executive assistant to an athlete named Sam. I am excited about Jesus and love sharing about Him every opportunity I can!!! He so rocks and He is my everything! Writing is a great love of mine and when I am not writing and working, I love horse-back riding, being in the outdoors – especially around and on the water, playing golf and hosting gatherings of people! Life is a fun adventure and a gift and I am thankful to share my love and excitement for the King with you as I ponder the heart of Jesus where His Spirit leads us here! Thanks for joining me! It’s going to be fun as we run the road of divine life purpose together as Christ’s kingdom family!

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