Divine World Changers

Sooo precious of a story Sam Samy shares here:

Jesus was and is all about rescue!!! He works through people by His Holy Spirit that they receive upon faith in Him to help others neglected by people and pursued by the enemy of this world!!! As He tells us in His Word, the Bible:

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Oh He gives us breath for life…what we choose to do with it can sure make a divine difference in this world!!! You can make a difference in this world!!! Staying close to Jesus and going into life for His kingdom, too!!! ☝️🔥👁❤️👑💪🙏 I like this song here:


A Champion’s Champion

Ladies…a man is a champion always because of his full vision for living his life of purpose for Jesus and His kingdom thru faith in Jesus as His Savior and trusting in Him for the empowerment to live the Christian life!!!



When you seek Jesus first in life and seek your man based on him having a heart for Jesus, then we thrive divinely in all of life!!! Oh we were meant to thrive forever victorious through faith in Christ Jesus as this song says here!!!

Wanna thrive forever??? Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the divine things of life shall be added to our individual lives!!! Thriving with you, girlfriends, in seeking the heart of Jesus first!!! Proud of you for doing so, too!!! 🙂

Captivated By Love

Ladies!!! Oh an interesting cause to check out for sure in this video here that Sam Samy shares:


I find it interesting that the lion wants to stay where it finds love in relationship rather than step out into the world all alone. As you know, Sam, a person is never alone because Jesus is always with us as His people of faith!!! Oh that just makes me smile!!! As you also know, Sam, Father created us for relationship!!! I am reminded that it is always good news wherever He opens and closes doors in our lives to put us in the divine place for us to be together with divine purpose with Him working in us as His people of faith!!! 🙂 Lots to ponder about this video!!! I am reminded of this song here about being a new creation in faith in Jesus and the specialness of His love:


Thank you for the pondering again today, Sam!!! I’m sharing it!!!

Lured by Light

Good pondering here in this video, Sam Samy!!!

Thank you for sharing this!!! It speaks to me and I will share it with my lady friends who journey my road of purpose with me to always be careful about what we let lure us because the devil disguises himself as an angel of light!!! Our defense is to stay close to Jesus and pray, pray, pray always!!! I like this song here about protection found in Jesus



A Cup of Divine Life

Girls Having Coffee

C.O.F.F.E.E. Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere

My dear lady friends who have asked me to share my writings, welcome YOU here!!! Oh I love this thought of Jesus’s loving kindness to us wherever we are!!! Isn’t technology a gift?!!

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee and explore my years of archived writings and videos here whenever you’d like!! You can also explore my many years of blogging with a friend with this link here:


I am working on the launch of my new book entitled Running Your Road of Purpose that has been released by Westbow Press and available now at amazon.com!!! Please consider a copy or two or three or more as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, birthday, graduation, Christmas or just a friendship gift!!! 🙂 What better way to love someone than to share the unfailing, unconditional love of our Father and His nothing but heavenly plans for them even now on earth!!! Oh that thought just makes me smile and hopefully blesses many!!!

Have a great day with Jesus as your constant love, sufficiency and victory as we all look to Him to guide us individually!!! Always much love!!! ❤️ BE YOU AND JESUS TEAM GODFIDENTLY!!! IM DOING SO, TOO!!! WOOOHOOO!!! IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD LIFE WHEN JESUS LEADS US!!!


Saved from Evil

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

John 3:17

Jesus has sweet thoughts of love, peace and victory for us as His people of faith!!! As we keep our focus on Him and His heart for us today, we shall have a mind that has the same heart for ourselves and in seeing His kingdom happen on earth. I celebrate Jesus who was, who is and will always be there for us as His forever kingdom family of faith!!! Oh even the devil believes Jesus is our Savior, but he doesn’t trust Jesus to lead his life!!! I celebrate there is a difference between good and evil. Staying focused on the always good heart of Jesus brings us divine life and I celebrate He is with us with this song here:



Divine life doesn’t happen without the grace and presence of Jesus with us!!! Forever blessed we are thru His love, light, power and grace for victory!!! Jesus just keeps me smiling!!! Happy today and counting all my blessings in Jesus with ya’s, dear saints!!! 🙂

How He Changed My Life

Today as I reflect upon our Father’s Word, I am first of all very thankful to be able to hear the voice of Jesus!!! King David understood what a difference it makes in your life when he wrote many years ago:

“The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation. Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous: “The LORD’S right hand has done mighty things! The LORD’s right hand is lifted high; the LORD’S right hand has done mighty things!”

Psalm 118:14-16

Three things stand out to me from the writer’s perspective that I can certainly agree with about the blessings of our Savior from my own personal experience:

  • The LORD is my strength
  • The LORD is my song
  • The LORD has become my salvation

Because of knowing my Savior and His heart and having His presence living in me through faith in Him:

  • I have had strength, motivation and determination to do things that I could not have done on my own.
  • I have had joy in my heart or you could say a song of delight, celebration and praise because of Jesus in my life
  • I have found that I cannot live perfectly and that is why Jesus went to the cross to forever rescue me and all who believe in Him from their personal sins that everybody has because the Devil introduced us to sin through Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when he placed doubt and temptation into the minds of God’s first people towards God’s good intentions for them!!! Oh the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak in everybody!!! The good news though is that God rescued people from their inability to live perfectly, because as Jesus said, there is only One who is good and that is God. Oh He is everything that is holy, right, good and all wise and all powerful. He knew He was our only hope of rescue and so He went the distance of leaving His throne in heaven, going to the cross to take the blow of death that was the penalty to appease a holy God who has no part of sin. Why? Because He loves us and didn’t want to lose us to the Devil. He created us to be in personal relationship with Him, therefore, He rescued us forever and saved us by grace through our faith in His perfect work on the cross. He now lives in us to empower us to live the Christian life and therefore, we look to His grace as our sufficiency. Apart from Him, we can do nothing and oh with Him, we can do all things through Him who gives us strength and victory!!! He has become our salvation in all ways as we look to Him and say Abba, Father – I believe in you and thank you for being my salvation!!!

As I reflect on these things, I have to say I agree with King David when he says:

“The LORD has done mighty things! The LORD’s right hand (where all the power is) is lifted high; the LORD has done mighty things!”

The best thing we can do in life is listen to our Father’s voice of truth that says He loves us, has redeemed us and gives us the victory in living life victoriously!!! He is a smart cookie for sure – the smartest!!! Oh when I know how much He loves me and is sooo smart, it just makes me want to follow Him and His promise to us is that if we seek first the Kingdom of God, all things shall be added to us!!! He will meet our every need – even SEX and hurt feelings and all our needs (note difference between all wants and divine needs)!!! Oh did I just say that??? Yes, Father is the creator of sex and our Great Healer from all kinds of pain. He created emotions and sex organs along with all other things and He has divine ways of keeping them in control so the Devil doesn’t use them to destroy our lives and the lives of others!!! Gotta keep it in check for victory life, precious saints of faith and we can do that by His grace living in us, through us and all around us!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Looking to Jesus in all things just makes us smile always!!! 🙂


Eyes Fixed on Jesus


The voice of truth tells us the best story just as it did so many years ago with King David!!! That is the message of this song here!!! Let us follow in seeking truth for the divine life, too – it is to have a heart after God’s own heart that is His love and best life forever for us. It is the truth that sets us free from the enemy!!! Blessed are we to have it and let’s share it so others have what we have, amen?!! What do we have? We have the same three things that King David understood to be had with the Lord that were the greatest blessings in his life (see above)!!! Oh I’ve got a strong heart singing with joy in the LORD’s forever rescue with ya’s and smiling about it!!! 🙂 Much love to ya wherever you are!!!