Captivated By Love

Ladies!!! Oh an interesting cause to check out for sure in this video here that Sam Samy shares:


I find it interesting that the lion wants to stay where it finds love in relationship rather than step out into the world all alone. As you know, Sam, a person is never alone because Jesus is always with us as His people of faith!!! Oh that just makes me smile!!! As you also know, Sam, Father created us for relationship!!! I am reminded that it is always good news wherever He opens and closes doors in our lives to put us in the divine place for us to be together with divine purpose with Him working in us as His people of faith!!! 🙂 Lots to ponder about this video!!! I am reminded of this song here about being a new creation in faith in Jesus and the specialness of His love:

Thank you for the pondering again today, Sam!!! I’m sharing it!!!

Enjoying Freedom

Imprisoned Animal

Mrgasco88 recently shared this photo on Instagram and it made me think about how sometimes people can feel like a caged animal by the confines of religion and performance for approval. Jesus desires His people to be set free in their thinking by finding rest in His grace. When we trust in Jesus to save us as our Savior from sins, we are forever set free from the confines of having to perform in order to be accepted by Him as a royal member of His Kingdom family forever. We are saved by grace, accepted by Him by His performance on the cross out of His love for us and His desire to have us forever safe with Him from the enemy of life, Satan, who always wants to put God’s people in bondage!!! Are you free??? More about having true freedom in Christ can be found here:

The Recipe

Hi, sweet saints ~ when handed lemons, seen as divine if right perspective, make lemonade as shared here!!!

Lemons and Lemonade

Jesus is our energy that makes a heavenly difference in life as this song says here. I’m proud of you as your sister in going for heaven!!! HOOOORRRAAAHHH!!! KEEP ROCKING IN JESUS, YOU WITH JESUS FOR HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! YOU AND JESUS IN THIS WORLD INSPIRE ME!!! BLESS YA!!! PROUD OF YA!!! 🙂



How He Changed My Life

Today as I reflect upon our Father’s Word, I am first of all very thankful to be able to hear the voice of Jesus!!! King David understood what a difference it makes in your life when he wrote many years ago:

“The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation. Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous: “The LORD’S right hand has done mighty things! The LORD’s right hand is lifted high; the LORD’S right hand has done mighty things!”

Psalm 118:14-16

Three things stand out to me from the writer’s perspective that I can certainly agree with about the blessings of our Savior from my own personal experience:

  • The LORD is my strength
  • The LORD is my song
  • The LORD has become my salvation

Because of knowing my Savior and His heart and having His presence living in me through faith in Him:

  • I have had strength, motivation and determination to do things that I could not have done on my own.
  • I have had joy in my heart or you could say a song of delight, celebration and praise because of Jesus in my life
  • I have found that I cannot live perfectly and that is why Jesus went to the cross to forever rescue me and all who believe in Him from their personal sins that everybody has because the Devil introduced us to sin through Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when he placed doubt and temptation into the minds of God’s first people towards God’s good intentions for them!!! Oh the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak in everybody!!! The good news though is that God rescued people from their inability to live perfectly, because as Jesus said, there is only One who is good and that is God. Oh He is everything that is holy, right, good and all wise and all powerful. He knew He was our only hope of rescue and so He went the distance of leaving His throne in heaven, going to the cross to take the blow of death that was the penalty to appease a holy God who has no part of sin. Why? Because He loves us and didn’t want to lose us to the Devil. He created us to be in personal relationship with Him, therefore, He rescued us forever and saved us by grace through our faith in His perfect work on the cross. He now lives in us to empower us to live the Christian life and therefore, we look to His grace as our sufficiency. Apart from Him, we can do nothing and oh with Him, we can do all things through Him who gives us strength and victory!!! He has become our salvation in all ways as we look to Him and say Abba, Father – I believe in you and thank you for being my salvation!!!

As I reflect on these things, I have to say I agree with King David when he says:

“The LORD has done mighty things! The LORD’s right hand (where all the power is) is lifted high; the LORD has done mighty things!”

The best thing we can do in life is listen to our Father’s voice of truth that says He loves us, has redeemed us and gives us the victory in living life victoriously!!! He is a smart cookie for sure – the smartest!!! Oh when I know how much He loves me and is sooo smart, it just makes me want to follow Him and His promise to us is that if we seek first the Kingdom of God, all things shall be added to us!!! He will meet our every need – even SEX and hurt feelings and all our needs (note difference between all wants and divine needs)!!! Oh did I just say that??? Yes, Father is the creator of sex and our Great Healer from all kinds of pain. He created emotions and sex organs along with all other things and He has divine ways of keeping them in control so the Devil doesn’t use them to destroy our lives and the lives of others!!! Gotta keep it in check for victory life, precious saints of faith and we can do that by His grace living in us, through us and all around us!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Looking to Jesus in all things just makes us smile always!!! 🙂


Eyes Fixed on Jesus


The voice of truth tells us the best story just as it did so many years ago with King David!!! That is the message of this song here!!! Let us follow in seeking truth for the divine life, too – it is to have a heart after God’s own heart that is His love and best life forever for us. It is the truth that sets us free from the enemy!!! Blessed are we to have it and let’s share it so others have what we have, amen?!! What do we have? We have the same three things that King David understood to be had with the Lord that were the greatest blessings in his life (see above)!!! Oh I’ve got a strong heart singing with joy in the LORD’s forever rescue with ya’s and smiling about it!!! 🙂 Much love to ya wherever you are!!!


Enjoying the Sonshine

New day greetings, precious saints wherever you are today!!! My heart for heaven on earth is on the move with Jesus with ya’s for the journey of life gifted to us today!!! HOOORRRAAAHHH!!! What a privilege and honor to travel with the King of Glory where He is leading us each one on a special assignment from His royal throne of grace directly!!! Oh He sees us each one oh sooo special and even knows the number of hairs on our heads!!! He has had His eye on each one of us from the time He first thought about us and said oh this one is going to be a Masterpiece and sure enough when He was done creating YOU and me, too, He said “It is very good.” Soon marvel at yourself darlin’ because YOU are truly heavenly – an absolute dream come true on this earth with heaven as our forever eternal home!!! YEP!!! WE’RE ALL GONNA MEET UP THERE AND IT’S GONNA BE ONE HEAVENLY CELEBRATION!!! WOOOHOOO!!! THAT HAS ME SMILING AND HAPPY TODAY TO THINK ABOUT!!!

Meanwhile, back at the farm of earth where we are all planted and producing seeds of love and grace in the dirt fields of the enemy, it is growing season for the big kingdom harvest of all of God’s people that shall spring forth victorious as God’s holy Spirit waters and provides Sunshine to warm us and light up the inner core of our beings with heavenly nutrients necessary to bring eternal life!!! Oh how massive the opportunity for divine up-croppings of new seedlings of faith in the always good Master who has the big picture plan to bring good into the life of each one, to give hope and a future that is heavenly!!! RUH, RUH, RUH!!! I’m a gal seeking to bloom for Him where He has me planted by His grace, too!!!

As we each one sprout and grow, there is no need to have concerns of competition over one receiving our Father’s love, acceptance, blessing and approval more than another, because that Holy Spirit sap He has for us to give us the essential nourishment we need to be content and happy in His loving care for us is this from His Word (the Bible):

“But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.”

Ephesians 4:7

Therefore, Father has given us each one exactly what we need to stand victorious in the very spot in life where He has us planted, so lets us each one enjoy the Sonshine upon our lives right where Father has us for such a time as this!!! How exciting is life with our Father with each other!!! I love Him in my life with ya’s!!! Our lives serve purpose to grow and produce just what Father sees is divine for the harvest of this earth and He will do what is needed as He tells us:

“For it is God who works in you (me, too) to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.”

Philippians 2:13


Therefore, our focus is to enjoy His loving smile upon us and the life we all have together in the common purpose of loving our Father, loving ourself and loving our neighbor as ourselves!!! Oh what a sweet life we have, dear ones of faith and we can know that as we look to Father, He will take care of all the weeds of the enemy so we need not fear their overtaking us!!! His promise to us is “Never will I leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5) POWERFUL WE ARE WITH OUR ALWAYS GOOD AND VICTORIOUS MASTER AT WORK IN US, THRU US AND ALL AROUND US!!! ENJOY HIS LOVE FOR YOU TODAY!!! I AM, TOO!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU WHERE YOU ARE STANDING FIRM IN JESUS!!! IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY AS THIS SONG SAYS HERE. SMILING AND HAPPY!!!


Hi, there YOU from ME!!! 🙂 Oh isn’t it sooo interesting how we are each sooo personally unique and different?!! It just makes life interesting and fun that we are each one different!!! Have you ever p0ndered that??? How we are unique and different makes a difference in finding our best niche in life. For example:

Nobody has your exact personality. You are definitely YOU and despite what anyone might tell you, YOU and I do have a personality! We all have our own personality strengths and weaknesses. Personality is defined as the distinction of personal and social traits. There are many types of personalities. God gave the world variety, which is a good thing. Can you imagine what it would be like if we were all the same personality.




What would life be like if we were all “quiet as a mouse?” or what if we were all “monotone, non-stop talkers?” It would be hard to find a listening ear! God is so wise! The type of personality that we have can make a difference in how we minister to people. For example, a quiet and reserved person would choose a different approach to evangelism compared to a very hyper, talkative person. A quiet and reserved person would probably not excel as a street-corner sales person and a hyper, talkative person would probably not be your best candidate for a deer-hunting guide.  Our personalities suit us for the way God wants to use us in the world and God wants to use all of us! If you are not sure how our Father wants to work thru you, you can talk to a ministry leader to see where your personality would best fit in the area of your interest within a particular ministry (example: working with children).

It is interesting that for people seeking to find a place to fit in, that they may want to consider taking the personality test available on the Internet through the Church Growth Institute that provides personalized results that can be printed instantly. This test is offered after you finish the Spiritual Gifts Analysis website that I mentioned in my previous blog about “Spiritual Gifts.”

If access to the Internet is not available,  a booklet test can be ordered for a small fee from the Church Growth Institute by calling 1-800-553-GROW (4769).

Another test that the Church Growth Institute offers is a Leadership/Management Inventory that helps a person to understand their leadership/management style. It can be found through the same website.

Once a person has taken the Spiritual Gifts Analysis, Personality Inventory, and Leadership/Management Style evaluations, a “Personal Ministry Finder” can be generated for a small fee that is personalized for you as an individual. It provides suggestions for ministry areas you may want to consider given the unique gift of you! It is automatically offered through the website you utilize for the Spiritual Gifts Analysis. A Summary of Results personalized for you can then be generated if you so desire. Again, these are things to consider in addition to trying other things and asking God to reveal your uniqueness through evaluated experience. 

Oh it is just sooo interesting pondering the uniqueness of YOU, precious one!!! Father has a special place for each one of us in this world where the real YOU and ME can shine thru in divine ways!!! That thought all just makes me smile!!! 🙂 This is true of each one of us – our Father made us to celebrate life with Him as this song says here, so celebrate life just as Father has created YOU to do in your own special way to shine heaven on earth thru YOU!!! I’m a gal seeking to do so with ya’s!!! 🙂



Fully Alive

Hi, mighty saints in Christ Jesus!!! I want to encourage your hearts today as Father encourages mine that we should stand fully alive in Christ Jesus!!! Running on all cylinders of divine thinking and divine power is Father’s heart for us to bring us fully alive in His Spirit mindset!!! Fully alive is the status of His Spirit living within us without limitation thru our faith in Christ Jesus!!! Oh to that I say let’s let Jesus flaunt it out into us and thru us!!! 🙂 There’s Holy Spirit spark alive in ya that moves us into divine life, saint!!! Me, too!!! How exciting is that!!! Don’t that just light ya up divinely?!!

Man FIre to Earth

Run For the Vision

As we know from our Father’s written Word (the Bible) when our Father created us each one oh sooo special, He created us in His image who is the source of life!!! Now if we are created alive by the source of life who was before time and without end and He lives in us thru faith, we are totally forever alive bound and destined!!!

Thru faith in Jesus, He  has put into us His Holy Spirit upon faith in Him as our Savior so that He could be the divine victory song rising up from our hearts that plays out from our trusting in His love and perfect care for us forever!!! Let us not let anything take that beautiful song from our hearts, but rather let it play over and over and over again so it gets stuck in our head!!! Father is always working good life in us, thru us and all around us and has empowered us with His Spirit working in us to energize us and bring to us beyond all we could ask or imagine with unlimited victory possibilities so we can live life fully at peace and joy in Him!!!  So if the source of high energy life is with us and within us, let us not let the enemy of this world quench our fire from us by filling our minds with dead thoughts – things contrary to our Father’s goodness and ability to care for us and empower us to have the divine life!!! He can take care of all things of our past, present and future far better than we ever could, so let’s let Him make all our thoughts alive with hope and peace in Him as this song says here!!! Is there somewhere in your life where you are not experiencing life in the fullness of Father’s heart for you??? I ask myself the same, although right now I am doing well so please do not worry about me!!! Let us cast off to Jesus in prayer anything He brings to our minds that is needing His life spark set to it and then trust in Jesus to blaze divine life into that situation because Jesus says this about the enemy, the devil:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”  (John 10:10) Father has us and is holding on to us and wants to hold onto our thoughts, too!!! YAY!!! I’m a gal thankful with ya’s He helps us stay focused!!!! We are in His mighty right hand where all the power of the universe is and nothing can snatch us from His care!!! Safe forever we are as we stay close to Him!!! Yeppers, fully alive in Jesus we are forever, but let us rest in that divine destiny for us as His kingdom kids and celebrate life fully wherever Father has us even now by nestling in His love with us as we rest from this day!!! Jesus is fully alive and all powerful with us and in us!!! Nothing can touch that victoriously!!! YAYYY!!! Happy with ya’s!!! Much love to you!!! See ya tomorrow – fully alive in Jesus!!! Oh that just makes me smile!!! 🙂

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