The Divine in Numbers

It’s a day in which we can see it as a holy joyful day, dear family of saints, for our Father sees us all as His holy kids of faith as we look to His finished work on the cross for us to rescue us from the wages of sin, reconcile us into a perfect love relationship with Him, indwell us to empower us and guide us divinely to be His love and light into the world and bless us with forever life in His victorious heavenly kingdom!!! YYYIIIPPPEEEE!!! Jesus said His heart for us as His kids is “that His joy may be in us and that our joy may be complete.” (John 15:11) Jesus also told us that “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you shall be my witnesses into in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) Jesus gives us the power of Him in us thru our faith in Him, not so that we can promote ourselves in this life, but so that we can promote Him into this world.

Christ Lion of Judah

Oh He is sooo awesome and “perfect/purrfect” for all the world to see!!!

Holy Spirit Peace

Holy Spirit Roar

Given this roaring Holy Spirit power of the Lion of the tribe of Judah as Jesus is referenced in the Bible (Revelation 5:5), our Father’s heart wants us to understand that while His power in us can enable us to do all things that He calls us to do as an individual, our Father has never desired that we choose to see our self as the complete church in our self.

Male Lion on Fire

To see our self as the complete church in oneself, could look like having an outlook that “one person hears from God and nobody else does.” That is certainly not of our Father because He calls us to be family and to love each other, help each other, to seek godly counsel from each other, to strengthen and encourage each other and all the more as we see the day of His return to earth approaching!!! His Word tells us:

“…so in Christ, we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”

Romans 12:5

One Eye Lion

In Christ, we have one mind, one heart and one Spirit in common as His divine family of saints – His divine eyesight!!! His sight is the best!!!

When we hear the heart of others, we should not dismiss what they share with us as not being from God, dear ones, but to take what is shared before our Father and ask Him for His heart in it for us as His kids. He tells us that He works good through all things and therefore, there can be a nugget of gold in all things that are put before us. It may be that something shared is something that is true of us, that is true to our circumstance, a warning of caution that something that could be or become, a motive check or test of our heart in a situation or something perhaps our Father wants us to see that maybe doesn’t pertain to our own life, but in seeing it, it could help someone else should our Father want to speak it to them thru us as He guides us!!! Now how exciting is all of that to hear to consider for us all as family to help us see the divine as Father reveals it!!! The point of all of this is, that no person is an island by themselves on the ocean of our Father’s grace flowing upon the shores of our hearts as His kids of faith. It is His living waters that saturate the holy ground of our hearts for His divine purposes!!!

One Tree Island

When we see each other as a gift from our Father into our lives, we can appreciate the power of His grace in each one of us. It doesn’t matter how young or old one is or how long they have walked with Christ, our Father’s Spirit of power can speak and work through any of His kids in sufficient ways to get His will accomplished through each one of us!!! Is there power in one with the holy One Jesus – the answer is yes!!!

King Lion with Hat

Male Lion with Tree.jpg

Female Lion with Tree.jpg

Oh with the gift of His Spirit with each one of us individually at work, it is just like Christmas everyday – evergreen thriving life with everlasting life blessings for us each one!!! 🙂

Lions and Christmas Trees

Is there power in all of our Father’s kids together – the answer is yes!!! Is it all from Jesus’ grace – yes!!! Therefore, there is divine in all numbers of our Father’s family of saints and that includes you and me, sweet family!!! We need our Father and each other always!!! Apart from Jesus, none of us could do anything, neither would we be anything or have anything!!! Who is that mighty powerful ONE – none other than JESUS!!! 🙂 Oh I am sooo thankful we have Him and that our Father has created us to be His forever family!!! Together we are a powerful family to make a divine difference in this world for our heavenly kingdom home!!! Oh now that all just makes me smile!!!

Pride of Lions

As we whom Father has put here consider these thoughts, we can know that each one of us is oh sooo special and we each shine Jesus in our own unique way that we and the whole world needs!!! YYYEEESSS WE CAN!!! Shine on as the you and Jesus team Christmas gift to the whole world as only you can!!! If the gift of you is never opened up and shared in the world, the world will forever miss out on the divineness of you and Father team!!! Oh I am sooo excited to see and hear the gift of the power of God in you and thru you!!! Let us behold  all the good our Father has for us with Him in us!!!

Lion and Babies

Much love to you precious saints!!!

Oh fire us up with your power, Lord Jesus as this song says here!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Oh that all makes me feel so warmed by Father’s powerful love and grace upon us all each one together – our forever family heavenly home fires burning within us bright!!! RRROOOAAARRR STRONG AND COURAGEOUS WITH HIS SPIRIT AFLAME IN YOU!!!! 🙂

Let Out the Roar


The Circle of Love

I spent time this week putting up Christmas decorations in my home and this morning, I have been enjoying seeing them all around me. Christmas decorations are not Christmas in themselves for sure!!! At Christmas time, we put decorations around our homes not because we worship them or make them our idols of focus, but because they are symbolic of things that point us in thought to what Christmas is – Jesus and His love for us as His children of faith. Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration??? As I was going through my Christmas box of decorations this week, I enjoyed bringing out various different decorations as many of them are reminders to me not only of Christ and His love for us, but also they bring to memory love shared with special ones in past Christmases.

Cross Ornament

When my daughter was growing up, every year I gave her a new Christmas ornament so that when she was 18 and perhaps had her own tree, she would have a set of tree ornaments for her own home to remind her of Christ’s love for her and memories of our home’s love for her. My son-in-law’s family did the same for him, therefore, the two of them have enough sentimental ornaments to fill their tree with lots of love to go all around!!! It was sweet to watch them decorate their tree this year when I was in Tucson visiting!!! I hold that time there as special memories for this Christmas to add to my collection of fond Christmas memories of time spent with loved ones in Christmases past now in the present!!!

Jesus outstretched hands

As I have pondered decorations today, the evergreen Christmas wreath is on my mind and I realize what a beautiful symbol it is of our Father’s love for us. How so??? Well, the evergreen is symbolic of everlasting life – an evergreen is always green with the appearance of thriving life, even in the winter months!!! We celebrate at Christmas time, our Savior’s evergreen, ever live and ever divinely jealous love for us that is without end for us as His children of faith!!! The evergreen wreath is also a circle that is symbolic of our Father’s love for us that is without end – never broken!!!

Evergreen Wreath

Oh now how special is that to us, sweet family!!! The circle wreath is also symbolic of the truth that the first Christmas began in the heart of God and was made complete when it reached our heart. It then continues on around circle to love others with heart for them and our sweet Father while remembering and being refreshed by our Father’s precious love for our self. The circle of Father’s love – oh I am thankful for this Christmas reminder of how Christmas begins and never ends!!! That thought just keeps me smiling and filled with Father’s love!!!

“God…made His light shine in our hearts…”

2 Corinthians 4:6

Cross In Heart

How is Father shining His light of love within your heart today, dear family??? We, like the evergreen Christmas wreath were made to thrive forever without end as this song says here. Father’s Christmas love to you wherever you are today!!!

Jesus Delighting in Me

“As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

John 13:34

The Gift of Walking

I read a story today that brought a tear to my eyes. It was the story about a little boy that wanted to give his friend a gift and he lived a few miles from the ocean. He had the idea of walking there and finding a treasure for her – a carefully chosen seashell of divine beauty. He found just the right one in his eyes and upon presenting it to her, she thanked him for the gift and she also made mention of how special it was that he walked several miles to the ocean with her in mind.

Heart Seashell

He lit up and said “The long walk was part of the gift!!!” As I thought about this story, I treasured the sacrifice of this boy’s heart and time that he had devoted to show his friend his love. I don’t know if he realized until it was mentioned to him that each step that he took to get the gift was treasured by his friend, but it made me greatly appreciate the sacrifices that people make in my life that go beyond the tangible as I reflected upon his joyful appreciative heart!!! It is my hope that he also recognized that the ability to walk and the process of walking there, taking in the divine life around him was also a gift to him personally!!! It was a love gift from our Father to him that enabled him to experience the beauty of love in life – the love of our Father for him and the beauty of living out love for others. Both ways, it was a blessing to him!!!

Boy With Father

Boy on Beach.jpg

Do you appreciate your everyday stepping through life as Father enables us to, dear ones??? Oh it is a sweet gift that we share of our Father together!!!

Heart of Seashells

My heart is very thankful for the steps taken that people put forth in various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual efforts to bless me – it is truly the heart of Christmas love lived out everyday in our lives together whether or not we give tangible gifts!!! I certainly realize there are people in my life that show me everyday that they love me beyond the tangible. How about you, dear family??? My point in all of this is that tangible gifts can be sooo sweet and truly touch a heart, but perhaps a great Christmas gift we can give to others that are dear to us this Christmas is in doing as this friend did in this story and just let it be known to the special ones in your life that the steps they have taken in life to bless you beyond tangible is greatly appreciated and not without notice!!! Bless you for your hearts of loving for Father, sweet family!!! Please know that wherever you are and even if nobody acknowledges to you personally your sacrifices on their behalf, Jesus notices!!! His heart wants you to know that He greatly appreciates what you do and He will reward you for what you do:

“God is not unjust, He will not forget your hard work and the love that you show Him as you help His people and continue to help them.”

Hebrews 6:10 NIV

God Sees You

Jesus Looking at Man

Girl Reaching to Jesus

Sweet Father’s Christmas love and friendship to you family of Jesus!!! YOU are a divine gift and blessing!!! I like this little song here that talks about the sweetness of trusting in Jesus!!! It just all makes me smile!!! 🙂

Preparing Room

Oh this is a special time of year with Christmas celebration upon us and with it also is our daily going about life. Life is going on for us and when our lives are on the go with the everyday routines plus the anticipation of Christ, as we make ready for the celebration of our Savior into the world with those who are dear to us, that is just the way it was on the very first Christmas!!! In reflecting back on the first Christmas, this was the scenario:

The Roman government had ordered a census of all people be made and in order to register, Joseph and Mary were making the trek to their home town of Bethlehem, the town of David, to be registered together as they were pledged to be married and were expecting Christmas to arrive, too – the child of the Most High who would be the Savior of all mankind was to be born into their lives as a gift of the Holy Spirit thru them. Sure enough, the first Christmas did happen and as life was on the go, Joseph and Mary had to prepare room for His arrival into the world!!! There were no places at the inn, but they were given the gift of a lowly manger where they celebrated together as the King’s family with the newborn Christ child making His presence among them!!! Oh when a baby is making its arrival into the world, the routines of life take a back burner to things of the world!!! When the Spirit of our Father is on the move, our Father’s divine plans cannot be thwarted even today!!! YYYEEESSS!!! GO FATHER – BRING THE DIVINE INTO THE WORLD!!! 🙂 I’M EXCITED TO SEE IT HAPPEN!!!

Jesus Power

Joseph and Mary

As I reflect upon this situation of the first Christmas and how it relates to our modern-day Christmas, I, too realize that at any given moment, we may have the opportunity to see Christ born into the world of someone around us and how important it is to make room for that to happen when the Spirit is moving. Perhaps in the midst of your life journey you will find someone asking about how to know Jesus as their Savior or perhaps someone will ask you why or how you celebrate Christmas. Oh it is an important priority in the life of that someone for us to make room to help them experience the birth of Jesus into their life so that they can be forever registered in the census of heaven – the Book of life!!!

Lambs Book of Life.jpg

Therefore, let us be prepared in mind to make room for Jesus coming into our life on the go!!! Here is a link to a little video, perhaps you can share it with someone if you are on the go, or perhaps there is some other way that our Father is revealing to you that you can be prepared for His arrival when the Holy Spirit moves!!! Know this, in preparing room for bringing Jesus into the world as our Father’s Spirit moves us, people’s lives can be forever changed!!! WHOOOPPP!!! WHOOOPPP!!! WHOOOPPP!!!


Now that all makes for the best Christmas gift possible when it is of our Father’s Christmas Spirit!!! Our Father is a God of mercy as Mary said:

“His mercy extends to those who fear (reverence) Him, from generation to generation.”

Luke 1:50NIV

It is our Father’s heart that none shall perish, but that all come to the saving knowledge of Jesus. It was the call upon a young child’s life by the name of John the Baptist. Of him, it was said:

“And you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for Him, to give His people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins, because of the tender mercy of our God by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

Luke 1:76-79 NIV

John spent his whole life getting people prepared for Jesus coming into the world. He did, He dwells within us as kids of faith and He is coming to this world a second time soon!!! Oh let us too prepare people as Father calls us as His children!!! Let us consider that the most precious gift we give this Christmas may be the gift of our time away from worldly focuses to bring Jesus into the world of someone!!! Let us prepare Jesus room and celebrate the tremendous joy of Him born into the world with us as this song says here. 🙂 YOU, dear one of faith, have our Father’s Spirit in you moving the divine into the midst of life as did Joseph and Mary. Oh be prepared for the exciting adventure of God with us on the go!!! The divine extraordinary could happen at any time!!! Now that all just makes me smile!!! Sooo proud of you for being a vessel thru whom He moves!!!

 Christmas Adventure


World Changers

Much love to you family ~

How wonderful that we have been shown grace today by our Father and we have been given the gift of a new day of life, new graces every single second in more ways than we can count, in more ways that we can even understand – the magnitude of the grace of our Father’s love and mercy for us is divine!!! As I reflect today upon the gift of today, I find great inspiration that in every little act of love and kindness that we can extend to bless others is a blessing to our Father because it changes the world for the better. It adds His love and His hope and His wisdom and His victory to a whole world of people with whom He has great compassion for as He told His disciples so many years ago:

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:18-20

God So Love the World He Sent Jesus

Why does Jesus say this? Because He loves the whole world and desires the best for everybody! He desires to take the whole world into His heavenly Kingdom when the time is right and He wants the whole world to be prepared in heart to receive all His glorious riches of His Kingdom, both here now and in the eternal future coming!!!

Locked Arms of Unity for the World

Oh, how exciting is all of that, precious saints!!! Every little thing we do to bless someone else is showing love back to our Father who cherishes it and will not forget what we do to bless Him and those around us as He says here:

“He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward Him for what He has done.”

Proverbs 19:17

Go Be Love

There will always be poor among us in many ways – lift a poor in spirit person today or help someone in need. No matter your circumstance, you have something to offer to the world! Woohoo!!! What if every person in the world reached out and loved someone today in some little way – think of how much it could change the world with love as this song says here! Now that thought just makes me smile and has me all excited about the gift of today!!! YOU, beloved, have what it takes to make a difference today!!! Goin’ for that with ya’s and lovin’ life with our King who loves us!!! Blessed kids are we!!! Enjoy the gift of today!!! I celebrate YOU in the world!!!!!!!

Don't Miss Love

Glittered By What?

Love to ya family ~

Oh, my Father has me thinking about shinin’ in this life tonight! Have you ever worked with glitter in your life? I can’t imagine having children and not having experienced glitter fun. It doesn’t take anything to experience how easily glitter rubs off on you and ends up everywhere from one end of your house to another! It just seems to follow you! YIKES!!! It can be one of those experiences where ya say never again! Our Father speaks to me tonight about how so many things in life are like glitter and when we expose ourselves to them, we can become “englittered” with their influence! We tend to adopt what we are exposed to. It rubs off on us! So, it is a good reflection point in life to consider surrounding ourselves with things that will rub off good things upon us in life – Jesus is the best kind of sparkle and shine as He says here:

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

Our Father loves it when you sparkle and shine Him all around the house and share with others that His love and grace sees them as perfect in sparkles and shine through their faith in Him, in colors of holy, without blemish, without accusation, without condemnation! His sparkle and shine leaves behind a trail of blessings in life!

We all get opportunity to choose our shine!

Goin’ with the divine given shine of Jesus’ grace sparkled upon me as this song says here!!!

Image of Heart Sparkles

Treasures Opened Up To Jesus

As I seek my Father tonight, His revelation to me is how precious is the invitation to be in His presence – to have intimacy with Him as the three wise men did and the Shepherds did in His lowly manger to celebrate the birth of Jesus into this world! It was a private personal setting and there was a very special relationship in the “just Mary, Joseph and Jesus” moments, but there was a specialness in God’s heart for wanting the three wise men and the Shepherds there as well. There was a purpose for their being there and they entered in with the Father’s perfect timing!!! The same is true of all of us who have faith in Him as our Savior!!!!!! As He says in His Word:

“In Him, we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will.”

“For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Jesus has chosen you saint, for a very specific purpose in life and He invites each one of us into a personal relationship with Him as the King of kings and Lord of lords. If you would have been one of the only ones invited to be in the private setting of His beloved family of three, would you have accepted His invitation? I consider it a privilege and honor and I would’ve been really excited about that gift extended to me!!! His offer is still good today for you and me to enter into private intimacy with Him. He loves doing life with you, precious one!!! It is interesting that Jesus gave the three wise men the gifts that they gave to Him. How precious that they took the gifts from Jesus and gave back to Him in appreciation for all He provided to them. Oh, lots to ponder there!!! Celebrate the love of Jesus for YOU!!! It’s a divine gift and a one forever lifetime opportunity!!! Don’t miss out on it!!! Here are a few of God’s chosen opening up their treasures of gifts from Him to give back to Him in their song of worship. Now how precious!!!

Mary Joseph and Baby


Intimacy with God